Lolly Stirk is a pregnancy yoga teacher, birth educator and doula with over 27 years experience working with expectant mothers and training teachers.

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Pregnancy classes

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Lolly Stirk : Yoga for pregnancy

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Lolly is co-founder of Yogabirth 2000, an independent group of birth educators and yoga teachers and continues to train teachers in this valuable work.

Post natal classes

” I attended Lolly’s yoga classes while I was pregnant with all my children and I think it was the best present I ever gave them...

It was two hours of peace, support and calm – as well as the incredible nurture of the yoga itself.  I made friends that I still have, I learnt everything I needed to know about the birth, I felt looked after and cared for, and never felt so close to my baby.  I even drank herbal tea!  Lolly is an astonishing person – driven by a love for what she does and a commitment that women should be able to have a gentle pregnancy and an empowered birth.  My children and I owe her a lot. Thanks Lolly”.


” Lolly is an inspiring teacher. She has a deep understanding of the principles of yoga, coupled with a formidable knowledge of the birth process for both mother and baby. Above all, Lolly is a wonderful person who inspires confidence in the people around her and can make a major difference to the confidence of a woman about to enter the unknown journey into birth and parenthood.s Lolly”.



An innovative and inspiring course including face-to-face lectures and workshops, your own research, observation of classes and teaching practice with mentoring and assignments.

The lectures and workshops are given by experts in their fields: Lolly and Annabel Hargrave are the course directors, John Stirk is a renowned yoga teacher and Osteopath, Ann Herreboudt is a midwife, counselor child psychologist and Nadine Hobson an Osteopath specialising in womens integrated healthcare.

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Lolly is a pioneer in the use of yoga in pregnancy as a preparation for labour and birth. She has developed unique communication skills passing on the power of yoga to pregnant women to help them through pregnancy and to cope with labour and birth.

Lolly’s yoga career of over 30 years has been dedicated to creating and developing the ideal practice for pregnancy,

labour, birth and beyond.

As a founder member of the Active Birth Movement in the 1980’s she campaigned for the rights of women to move freely during the births of their babies. Her expertise in this area led her to lecture for many years at Thames Valley University to midwives on the physiology of labour, birth and natural birth.

Lolly teaches weekly classes in Notting Hill, London as well as special “Birth preparation” weekends :

  You’ll relax and feel more energised through postures and breath-work perfectly tailored for pregnancy.

You’ll learn strategies and exercises to find relief from many

of the physical problems commonly associated with pregnancy.

  You’ll meet and discuss your questions with experts like breastfeeding counsellors, midwives, homeopaths and Doulas.

You’ll learn about:

    - gravity-assisted positions & movements for labour & birth       

    - pregnancy and birth-related massage

    - all about pain relief from epidurals to the use of water and other complimentary pain relief methods  

    - The hormones of labour and birth

    - Hypnobreathing, which will increase your ability to focus inwards, going into a meditative state that’s perfect for labour.

You’ll feel more confident and more prepared for your labour and birth.

  You’ll prepare for after the birth.

  You’ll meet other women who’ll have babies a similar age to your own.

  You’ll get access to our helpline for advice and information

Preparation includes breastfeeding and baby-care workshops with experienced midwives.

  There is also a post natal support group which many new mothers value as an enjoyable way to keep in touch.

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Post natal teachers training

Video interview with Lolly about her work. Filmed at Triyoga in 2012